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Weekend Box Office Results

Weekend Of September 12 – 14


1. No Good Deed – $24.2 million (Total: $24.2 million)

2. Dolphin Tale 2 – $15.8 million (Total: $15.8 million)

3. Guardians Of The Galaxy – $8.1 million (Total: $305.9 million)

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – $4.8 million (Total: $181 million)

5. Let’s Be Cops – $4.3 million (Total: $73 million)

6. The Drop – $4.1 million (Total: $4.1 million)

7. If I Stay – $3.9 million (Total: $44.8 million)

8. The November Man – $2.8 million (Total: $22.5 million)

9. The Giver – $2.5 million (Total: $41.2 million)

10. The Hundred-Foot Journey – $2.4 million (Total: $49.3 million)



Source: Box Office Mojo

First Full Look At The New Batmobile
Big Hero 6 Press Day – Introduction


On July 30th, I had the pleasure of attending Disney’s Press Day for their new upcoming animated film, Big Hero 6. I had the chance to watch footage from the film, talk to the directors and writers and see animation demonstrations. Later this week, I’ll share with you the conversations I had with the filmmakers. But today, I want to talk about the footage I saw from the movie.


The first thing I watched was the short film Feast that will premiere in front of Big Hero 6. I don’t want to give too much away because the story is very well crafted with some touching twists. But the story revolves around a dog and the different things he eats. The various kinds of food itself tell a story along with the dog and his owners’ journey. It brilliantly captures the different emotions attached to diverse foods. Feast is the perfect accompaniment to Big Hero 6 because both stories revolve around family.



The Big Hero 6 footage looked incredible. What impressed me the most was the new animation technology. Like the new Xbox One and Playstation 4, Big Hero 6 is able to put much more activity on screen at the same time. The newest and most challenging thing for the animators in the movie was creating the microbots. These are hundreds of thousands of tiny robots that can transform into anything you can think of. So when you see these things in action, you won’t believe how fast and intricate they move.


The clips from the movie were extended scenes from what you’ve seen in the trailers and footage released online. Plus a few extra scenes giving more backstory on the characters and plot points. Big Hero 6 was originally a Marvel comic. But the filmmakers only used the title and character names while developing a completely original story. They even created a brand new city of San Fransokyo, which blends both western and eastern societies. The amount of inspired detail in this movie is breathtakingly beautiful. Every scene is rich with color and culture. There were no shortcuts taken while making this.



This is the first time Disney Animation blended its style with an action comic book and the results will blow you away. It has all the humor and charm you know and love from Disney while also combining intense action sequence unlike anything you’ve seen in an animated movie before. It’s like a Reese’s peanut butter cup of entertainment. My favorite thing that Disney does so well is blend adult humor into kids’ films. There is something for everyone in this movie.


I’m very impressed with the amount of detail and care that went into Big Hero 6 and I can’t wait to see the finished product. Disney has always had the power to make kids feel like adults and adults feel like kids. Seeing and talking to everyone involved with the movie was inspiring and exciting. Disney cares more about the story, which is what separates them from other movie studios. They perfectly crafted something beautiful here and I can’t wait for all of you to see it. Stay tuned later this week for a chat with the writers of the movie.