Avengers: Age Of Ultron – Review


Hello everyone. I know it’s been 9 months since my last review. But thankfully a bunch of crappy movies came out during that time, so we weren’t missing anything. I’ll also post a new YouTube video within the next week to update everyone on what’s going on. Now after a much-needed break, I’m back to review Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Did this highly anticipated sequel live up to the hype? For the most part, yes. Do I have a lot of complaints? Of course I do.


The thing I really like about both Avengers movies is that they play out like Saturday morning cartoons. The story is easy to follow and there is an action sequence in every other scene. It’s the easiest form of entertainment. But unfortunately, Avengers: Age Of Ultron reminded me of The Hangover: Part II. Same shit, different country. One of those countries is China because they paid for the movie, just like Iron Man 3 and Transformers: Age Of Extinction.



Speaking of Iron Man 3, Tony Stark still doesn’t want to be Iron Man in this new movie. So at least the franchise is being consistent. But when he’s the only Avenger who wants to stop being a superhero, then it takes the fun out of the adventure. Everyone else is on board! Quit slacking off Iron Man! It’s Tony Stark’s laziness that motivates him to create Ultron so he doesn’t have to fight anymore. And of course, when you give a robot artificial intelligence, things go awry. So the plot is very similar to iRobot.


The other new additions to the cast are Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). Both of whom have terrible Russian accents. Quicksilver’s powers are pretty straightforward; he can run fast. But Scarlet Witch’s abilities are a bit confusing. I know she can at least grab-hold of objects and tear them apart. But she can also give people nightmares of what they fear most (much like Scarecrow from Batman Begins). But it’s unclear if she can actually control their minds too. There is a very gray area with how that ability works. It just seems like she shares their same nightmares. Which must be an irritating power to have.



The action sequences in this movie are absolutely breathtaking. From start to finish, your childlike sense of wonder can’t get enough of The Avengers working and fighting together. But most of those scenes seem to be recycled from the previous Avengers movie and other superhero films. From the plot to the fights, you can find comparisons to almost anything. I’ll get into those details and more in the spoiler section below. But also be prepared for some slow down time between action sequences. Such as Captain America and Tony Stark chopping wood on a farm.


Overall, I still recommend seeing Avengers: Age Of Ultron. I want to give this movie a 7 out of 10 because it doesn’t seem authentic, but the action demands to be seen on a big screen. And that’s basically why you see these movies anyway. I also found it irritating that you barely saw Iron Man’s mask. It’s almost always a shot of Tony Stark inside the suit. It’s not all about face time for these actors. Even the poster for the movie has Robert Downey Jr. in the Iron Man suit without the mask. Have some respect for the costume. And be sure to stick around for the mid-credit scene. There is nothing at the very end credits.







Both Avengers movies start the same way. There is an action scene about protecting a special power source. In Avengers 1, it’s the cosmic cube. In Avengers 2, it’s Loki’s staff. And both of those things lead to a massive final battle. Both movies have a villain who is connected to one of the Avengers. It was Thor’s brother, Loki, in the first movie and now it’s Iron Man’s artificial intelligence robot, Ultron. But just like iRobot, Ultron sees the human race as a threat and wants to kill everyone.


The confusing thing about Ultron’s creation is whether or not Iron Man did it on purpose. In the beginning of the movie, Iron Man gets inside the secret base and then leaves his suit behind to walk around. I don’t know about you, but I would keep that on all the time. Especially when you’re still in a war zone. This again goes back to Robert Downey Jr. wanting more face time because there really isn’t any reason to leave your Iron Man suit.



So since Tony Stark is vulnerable, the Scarlet Witch gives him a nightmare and he freaks out for a minute. But then I have no idea whether or not he was still in a trance and created Ultron or if his plan was to still create it all along. And even if he was still hypnotized, I don’t know how he recovered from it. How the hell does that Scarlet Witch power work? Plus it’s the combination of Scarecrow from Batman Begins and Loki’s staff powers.


Once Ultron gets loose, his plan is to sabotage and break up the Avengers. Just like Loki did in the first movie. But of course, once again, the team regroups and fights together. Do we really need that plot point again? We already went through that. They’re supposed to be a solid team by now. Then the group goes to China to fight because China paid for the movie; therefore a scene has to take place there. The Hulk and Iron Man duke it out the same way Thor and The Hulk did previously. So who knows, maybe The Hulk and Captain America will fight in the next movie. But the conclusion of the action sequence in China takes place on a runaway subway train. So then just like Spider-Man 2, the team has to stop it before everyone dies.



Then the epic conclusion takes place with The Avengers fighting a mass army, similar to the first movie. Ultron then lifts up an entire piece of land, which he will then drop; causing a massive asteroid-like explosion that will wipe out the human race. This is similar to the first movie where a nuke was coming towards New York to destroy everything. And in both movies, Iron Man helps destroy it before it’s too late. And both Loki and Ultron are easily captured by The Avengers once they are the last ones standing. So clearly this movie is a copy of its previous self – just bigger.


I also thought ‘The Vision’ was the weirdest character ever. He’s supposed to be the strongest and most powerful thing ever created. So do we need the Avengers anymore? He just seemed so silly. I don’t mind a few extra people joining The Avengers team, but not this guy. I really hope this will be the last time we see him. However, I doubt that will be the case. I also thought it was strange that seemingly out of nowhere Black Widow and The Hulk have a relationship. When did that happen? The mid-credit scene sets up Thanos to be the villain in the next movie. And he really seems to be a legitimate threat to The Avengers. Only two more years to wait!


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